About Us

Ms. Kisha D. Da Bossbabe!

Ms. Kisha Dawn, born in Inglewood, California and raised in Orange County later

relocated to Virginia. She is an exceptional emerging entrepreneur.

Kisha holds a degree in Business Management with a minor in Early Childhood Education. She is such a great stylist with a fabulous eye for fashion. Her professionalism is very impeccable. She is an all-around influential person to those she encounters. She is an accomplished Businesswoman, and she is rocking it! However, her major achievement is being a mother to her son and daughter! Along with rocking motherhood, Kisha's other achievements includes but not limited to home ownership and establishing credit and mentorship!

Kisha is the proprietor of The Lux Shop. She enjoyed starting this business from scratch and turning it into a line of quality and luxury elements. She enjoys it so much that she has adapted the saying “Anything Luxurious” or “Looking real lux over there.” Since the conception of The Lux Shop in 2018, the store has provided a high brand of quality women’s clothing.

The Lux store is designed for women who enjoys a plethora of styles for every special occasion! If you want to walk in a room and the room without saying a 

word, then grab an outfit from The Lux Shop!

This business is important to her because it’s her brand, which took time and energy...basically it’s her "forever baby!”   Kisha is looking forward to seeing the quality and luxury items of The Lux Shop entering every special occasion throughout the state Virginia. Most importantly, she aspires to living out her visions while watching her children accomplish their dreams.